Guest Testimonials

Courtesy of the Falkowski group - 2009

"Fishing from the Lac Seul Floating Lodges was one of the Best Fishing Experiences I've ever had. Absolutely First Rate! I landed & released a 4lb. Small-mouth on Sept. 27 - my Biggest Ever! Thanks for a Great Time!"
- Tim Stricker - Lansing, MI
Tim Stricker - Testimonial Picture

""When I caught my first big fish, I told my Grandpa to take the pole, it was too heavy. He said "no, you can do it". He helped hold the pole, but I reeled and reeled and then my Grandma netted it. It was the hugest fish I ever caught! It was 23.5 inches."
- Austin Smejkal - Age: 7, Milton, WI
Austin Smejkal Testimonial

"I also caught a 12 inch perch. I caught a whole bunch of fish! I also like watching the loons, seagulls and especially all the eagles. We saw 10 eagles. I saw three baby beavers swim to the island we were on. My trip was AWESOME!!"
- Austin Smejkal - Age: 7, Milton, WI
My trip was AWESOME!!

"We have been coming to Lac Seul for 20 plus years. How exhilarating to experience it through the eyes of our 7 year old grandson! Dave and Irene made him feel so special as they do for us every year!"
- Bill and Lori Schrank, Milton, WI
Bill Schrank with his grandson, Austin Smejkal

"We keep going back every year due to the great service we get from Dave and Irene as well as everybody else who works for Lac Seul Floating Lodges, this is by far the way to go fishing, never have to worry about getting wet or cold, always have a nice place to come back to and dry off or warm up after a hard day of fishing. Thanks"
- Paul Carlson - Independence, MN
Paul Carlson Testimonial

"Going back to Lac Seul Floating Lodges each year is like going home to see family. Dave and Irene meet you with a warm smile and a hug (from Irene). There are no better hosts in Ontario and service that is beyond excellent. Not only do you see beautiful scenery, lots of wildlife and sunsets beyond description ... the fishing is fantastic! Having fished many places for many years, no place compares to Lac Seul Floating Lodges. Book us with your services for the rest of our lives!"
- Jerry Johnson - Indiana
Jerry Johnson Testimonial

"For the past three years our family has enjoyed vacationing on the houseboats. They are always very clean, well stocked and everything is in great working condition.
Dave and Irene have always been very accommodating and we definitely look forward to coming back each year. We highly recommend Lac Seul Floating Lodges as a great family getaway."
- The Millers and The Fleischmans
Miller/Fleischmans Testimonial